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Q: Can used rack meet seismic code?  A: YES.

AMH has taken the time to educate our sales staff and our customers in regards to seismic issues. Seismic rack is more than large base plates. There are two ways to make rack seismic. The first way is to automatically put on huge footplates, reinforce the uprights, and bolt on the beams. We have seen this done often, and it hurts you, the customer. Why? Because you pay more for what you may not necessarily need. It also keeps the salesman from having to go through the tedious procedure of gathering all of the essential data required to determine seismic calculations.

AMH does seismic calculations the right way. You may not need a large footplate. Your loads may not require reinforced columns. Don’t spend $25 to $40 more per upright until we have determined what you really need. We ask all of the information necessary to determine your individual seismic calculation. We will make sure that your rack meets seismic requirements, and saves you money at the same time.

American Material Handling can layout your warehouse to fit your specific needs by using CAD layout designs. We will take the extra time to listen to your needs, and gain an understanding of your product flow to best utilize your warehouse. We want you to get the maximum use and profitability out of your entire warehouse.

We Buy Used Equipment

AMH wants to pay you cash for your used pallet racking, shelving, and dock equipment. Whether your company is upsizing, or downsizing we can give you cash for your used material. Call us today!

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